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God bless you, we wish for God to care and protect you and your family

Reflect with a beautiful letter from the Father

Tomorrow: 9/26/2021>>> Every Father's day...On (11/14/20), This Cibernetic-Site ... celebrated
(7 years). Thanks and for your support and understanding of the mission!
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Tomorrow:>> 9/26/2021>>>Who is that Hero?: Our limited ability highlights God's limitless power. God often uses ordinary people for His extraordinary work. When others look at our life it is important that they see God-not us. (Matthew 5:16= Let your light so shine before men, that they... Father in heaven.)

TODAY: 9/25/2021>>>Before and After: What we know of God encourages us to trust Him in all we do not know. Faith in God guided us before, and we know God could sustain us after. Our faith remins intact and is strengthened because He is the God of before and after. (Psalm 55:1-2= Give ear to my prayer, O God ... I am restless in my complaint, and moan noisily.)

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Yesterday: 9/24/2021>>>The Lord is greater than our heart and knows everything: We all know things about ourselves that no one else knows, that although confessed to God and forgiven by Him may come back to try to accuse us again. Our confidance toward God grows out of His love and forgiveness in Christ not our performance in life. (1.John 3:20-24= If our heart condemns us, God is ... And by this we know that He abides in us, by the Spirit whom He has given us.)